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Frequent Causes of Clogged Drains

Severely clogged drain

A clogged drain can be quite an inconvenience. Whether it’s in the kitchen, bathroom, or elsewhere, a clog can put a halt to your daily routine. When in need of a premier provider of drain cleaning in Sacramento, CA, always remember that the Top Rank Plumbing team has you covered. You can count on us for all your plumbing needs.

Let’s dive into the top causes behind these pesky clogs and learn how to prevent them from wreaking havoc in your household.

Hair and Soap Residue in Bathroom Drains

In the bathroom, a common cause of clogs is the amalgamation of hair and soap scum. Over time, these substances build up, creating a stubborn blockage. Installing a drain guard or regularly cleaning the drain can help prevent a clogged drain from developing.

Grease and Food Debris in Kitchen Drains

The kitchen sink often falls victim to clogs caused by grease, oil, and food scraps. Pouring grease down the drain might seem harmless, but it solidifies over time, leading to a nasty blockage. Dispose of grease properly in a separate container and use a strainer to catch food particles. Don’t forget to schedule regular drain cleaning services for maintenance purposes.

Foreign Objects and Toiletries in Toilet Drains

Toilets can become clogged due to the flushing of items that aren’t meant to go down the drain. From baby wipes to cotton swabs, these items can accumulate and cause blockages. Only flush toilet paper and human waste to avoid potential issues. Should clogs develop, you can fall back on drain snaking procedures from your trusted plumbing company.

Mineral Build-Up in Pipes

Minerals present in water can accumulate in pipes, restricting the flow and causing blockages. Hard water, with its high mineral content, accelerates this process. Regular maintenance and occasional cleaning from a reputable drain cleaning company can mitigate mineral build-up.

Clogged drains can disrupt your daily life and lead to costly repairs. Implementing simple habits like using drain guards, proper disposal of waste, and scheduling routine plumbing maintenance can save you from the headache of clogs.

For professional assistance in maintaining your plumbing and addressing clogs promptly, reach out to us at Top Rank Plumbing!

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Severely clogged drain

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