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Water Heaters And Hard Water

tankless water heater

Hard water can affect the longevity and efficiency of water heaters. Residents with hard water issues must consult a knowledgeable plumber in Lincoln, CA. They can advise you on water heater assessments and repairs.

Homeowners must understand the relationship between water heaters and hard water. Hard water can affect and even damage your units.

How Hard Water Affects Water Heaters

Hard water contains high mineral content, including calcium and magnesium. These elements soon lead to sediment buildup in water heaters.

Hard water can lead to scaling and sediment buildup in water heater systems. reducing efficiency and causing malfunctions. Over time, these issues may contribute to extensive plumbing repair or early replacement. You need expert services to address sediment accumulation, corrosion, and reduced heating efficiency.

Your local water heater services plumbing company has deep knowledge of water quality solutions. They can recommend and install water softeners or other devices to mitigate the impact of hard water on water heaters.

Expert plumbers offer comprehensive and general plumbing services beyond the evaluation of water heaters. They assess the impact of hard water on the heating element, tank, and overall functionality, identifying potential issues.

Listening To The Experts’ Recommendations

To counter the effects of hard water, plumbers often recommend periodic water heater maintenance. This includes flushing the tank to remove accumulated sediment and inspecting components for signs of wear or damage. Tank heaters need this twice a year, and tankless at least once a year. This depends on the level of hard water at home.

Installing water softeners is a proactive measure to protect water heaters from the damaging effects of hard water. Specialists can advise on the appropriate water softener system based on the specific needs of the household.

Consult With Professionals Only

In cases where hard water has significantly compromised the water heater’s integrity, water heater replacement is the more permanent solution. You can also upgrade to a tankless unit.

If your water quality and water heaters don’t match, don’t worry as we have solutions. Call Top Rank Plumbing for expert repair and maintenance services to see your unit through to its full lifespan. Get the right water heater services from the local trusted plumbing experts!

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